Apps Design + Development

I have (co)designed and developed most of the apps we have published as Curious Hat.
I developed the apps directly in Xcode in Objective-C using several Apple and third party frameworks.

Curious Letters
Concept + Design + Development

Challenging visual puzzle inspired by clean typography.
Each level is procedurally generated, never the same and with increasing complexity.
I’ve selected 30+ fonts that, when superimposed, create complex and stimulating patterns.
Tilting the device the user can “peek” under the stack of letters, using parallax and the device accelerometer.
I’ve implemented 3 different game modes.
I’ve also ported the app for tvOS for the new Apple TV Store launch (featured by Apple), taking advantage of the controller touchpad to control the parallax motion of the letters.

Simulator Screen Shot Oct 11, 2015, 10.13.28 PM

Curious Words
Concept + Design + Development

A visual storytelling tool.
Inspired by random words, user shoot 1-second videos and quickly create short videos (5-15 seconds long max), automatically edited with music and voice over.
Each video tells a personal visual story.
I designed a very simple, clean interface that visually guides the user in the few steps required to create the final video.


Curious Clock
Concept + Design + Development

A clock for math and geography geeks.
I designed this app for Apple TV as a screensaver that can provide useful informations.
The time is visualized as everchanging math formulas and linear bars.
A random city in the world is choosen every few seconds and the local time, sunset, sunrise times are displayed while the background color changes hue with the seconds and luminosity with the hours.


Curious Ruler
Concept + Design + Development

Measure objects found around you using few common objects you have around you.
The user snaps a picture of the known object side by side the one he/she wants to measure.
The user then simply drags 2 bars to indicate the object dimensions.
The app will provide a final measurement (with different units) and a visual comparison with other objects.


Oh No Fractions!
Concept + Design + Development

Compare 2 fractions (or perform mathematical operations with them) with a clean and simple interface inspired by simple typography.
User can also visually check their answer by displaying the 2 fractions as bars side by side.
This is the most successful app we have published (1.2 Million downloads), used in many classrooms and praised by teachers for the simple and informative approach to fraction comprehension.
The clean design was inspired by the graphics and typography of Nicholas Felton’s Annual Reports.


Concept + Design + Development (Art by Francesco Chiacchio)

I was always inspired by infinite storytelling, the ability to tell stories that are always different.
InfiniScroll borrows some basic concepts from the old game of Exquisite Corpse.
As the user scrolls up and down, a new connected drawing is shown. Scrolling back will not reveal the previous drawing, producing a never-ending random sequence of funny drawings that are the base of an infinite story.
The user can also record his own voice for each drawing and create a movie with their personal story.


Concept + Co-Design + Development

A twist on the traditional puzzle app.
User snaps their own photo and splits it in 4, 9 or 16 tiles.
Instead of scrambling the tiles, they rotate 90, 180 or 270 around themselves.
The user has to physically tilt the device to rotate the tiles that he/she did not lock.


Color Vacuum
Concept + Co-Design + Development (Art by Luca Giarrettino – Co Design by Nadia Andreini)

Based on the idea that the phone camera can “capture” the colors around you, we designed an old instrument and created the back story of Professor Vapori, a character that built strange steampunk machines to teach art and science to his children.
The user can tap the big blue button and “vacuum” the color he is pointing at. The captured color will end up under the glass as a floating bubble.
Challenge other players to find the colors you have collected.


Eye Paint series
Co-Design + Co-Development

Use the device camera to paint.
We partnered with world-renowned artists to create unique art that can be completed by the children by tapping on empty areas and filling them with an image they shoot at that time (no access to the Camera Roll). This force the user to explore the real world around them in search of colors, patterns and shades.
The end result is a unique and personal image.